Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maya, the illusion

You should treat it as a game of snakes and ladders.when we work in this world, we are afraid of job less ness. it causes fear, but another job anyway comes to us. why should we be afraid? only pray god, play the game. make your alternative resources ready to meet the adversity. But this is not so easy. Whatever you make alternative arrangements, those may not come to rescue in case or danger or need. So, if you have the invisible, invincible grace of god on your side, every thing in your pocket would be an alternative arrangement in dangerous , needy conditions. So, we have to have His or Her grace, blessings. Ok, what to do for that? I think and believe and feel that remembering his name, uttering his name, going to temple regularly and praying would
definitely help for the quantity of blessings we want in our day to day life needs.
When you want to start a business or improve business as per your wish and design, you must vigorously pray for Her or His help. beg, yell for help. And put all out efforts of yours. Then your boat slowly starts sailing towards the desired shore.

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