Friday, February 8, 2008

Ananda , the Bliss

ananda doesnot depend on anything outside. if it is based on any external object, event it would be disturbed and will not be continuous. It is not permanent and is not real or truth.If itself is the joy, self effulgent, then it always exists and independent. That is the god.what we see , what we perceive are contaminated and biased. our mind creates the world. but is the snake real? is the snake bite real? then what about the fears about snakes when we walk in garden? if you are not afraid, you will not be cautious and loose life. we should not lose life which is the primary object in our plane.ok. instead of getting scared of snakes, notice the danger , take precautions and be safe. Important thing is you should not have the feeling of fear in your mind.

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