Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disappointments -life

Though i have some good skills in many fields, though i have good luck period as per the horoscopes, though i have big dreams supported by my hard work, i am lagging behind all my contemporaries and my juniors.. i donot know why.. i dont know where the problem is.
I have taken vrs. while working in public service also, none satisfied with my talents and bosses got antogonised.. perhaps because of my stubbborn mentality and a belief that i know much.
After that i had to change jobs very frequently once in a year or twice in a year, and almost all times employer indicating me to quit job. I dont know where the trouble is.Though i have courage, patience, self confidence , the testing is approaching limit.
Always finance is problem. day after day, year after year i am going into debts.. without fail going into deeper debts.

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